Cards For Everyone….!!!!!

“sending Thanksgiving greetings might mean sending a simple “Happy Thanksgiving!” “…..!!!!!

♥ New Born…..!!!!!

“A Baby touches your heart and fills your life with love.
Wishing you all the joys of discovery a baby brings to your world “…..!!!!!

♥ New Job…..!!!!!

“It makes me so happy to watch you chase your dreams Congratulations on your new job! Is it dorky to say I’m proud of you? Because I totally am.”..!!!!

♥ Wedding…..!!!!!

“Hearty congratulations to the proud groom and the blushing bride. May your coming days be filled with love and happiness”…..!!!!! 

♥ Engagement…..!!!!!

“I wish you lots of love and loads of happiness on this new chapter of your lives. I am so happy to see your faces full of excitement and joy. Congratulations and warmest wishes for engagement”….!!!!!

♥ Success…..!!!!!

“Successful people are dreamers who seek the beauty of the future and struggle all through their lives to bring it to reality. Best wishes in your success journey”….!!!!

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